Frequently asked questions


How do i register on your website?

-Computer/Mobile users: Click Shop on the top and when opening up your browser, a pop up will display (3) options, "I'm over 19," "I have a valid med card," and I'm not yet of leagal age." Choose the option that best fits you. On the top right corner you will see a button, click on it and it'll display a option to login or either sign up. Once you sign up you can being ordering.

How do I place an order?

After you create an account you can begin ordering! Our menu is fully viewable with our products, wether your looking for specific strains or descriptions of each one, you can deicde on what you like and there are quantitys to each product displaying their price as well. Add each item to the cart and you can checkout at the "shopping cart' icon on the top right!

Where do I pick up my order?

Pick up location is at 2141 King St E Hamilton, ON L8K 1W5. Please call (365) 366-3410

When can I come pickup my order?

10 minites after you have placed your order.

Who to look for when I come to pickup location?

Our contact number for pickup is 3653663410

What is the delivery fee?

$10 flat in GTA! Free delivery over $200!

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order is $50!